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Anonymous asked: Do you masturbate with a nine, or a seven?


i touch myself and think of roadkill 

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The last one told the awful corny joke the other two are laughing at

Look at that little shit

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This bastard was so difficult to skin

Considering that they’re the second smallest UK bird I’m not surprised, awesome job!

Second smallest, to what? I thought they were the smallest.  

Now thinking that it is a Goldcrest that would be the smallest, Firecrest is second and then Wren is third.

Goldcrest a weight the same as a 20p.




Jim Phillips, 59, has been hunting shed antlers Montana public lands for the past 50 years. This Three Forks native’s phenomenal shed antler collection comprises some 14,500 sheds displayed from floor to ceiling—inside a 30 x 64-foot building he constructed specifically for its display. And, yes, he personally found every one.

dream house! i have plan:

le plan- befriend this man. get on this mans will. wait for him to die and take all the antlers.

Except a lot of these aren’t “sheds” they’re attached to the skullplate of the deer, there are even a few actual skulls in there I can see. I mean yeah it’s possible to find them naturally dead (or snag them from roadkill dumping sites) but they aren’t “shed antlers.” You don’t shed your skull the way you shed hair, unless you think a buck grows a new head every season.

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